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Ultrastore is a place to give away and sell your art bits to the mobile creative community.

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Why distribute your digital goods through ultrastore?

Different Types of Assets

Are you an illustrator, photographer or designer? No matter which design resources you put up for sale, we have them all covered on Ultrastore!

Community of Creators

With a vast community of creative people using the store, it is easy to place your goods right in the hands of those who will appreciate them. You can benefit from fellow sellers, too: get inspired by their work, discover new styles, keep up with the latest trends.

Put Your Name on It

We don’t approve of stealing. If you wish the art to be attributed to you, feel free to specify it in the pack’s description. Also, provide as many info on your work as you wish - links to your social profiles, Behance page, personal website, etc.

Non-exclusive is Fine

Whether it’s your first store or you are already partnering with a number of websites and apps, you are welcome to submit your content to Ultrastore.

Get to Work with Top Brands

Get a chance to feature your art in major apps and services by participating in theme-based contests.

Quick and Easy Submission

Your free assets become available for download through the store instantly, while paid products will require just a short review process before going live.

Name the Price

It’s your work and your art, so it is up to you to give it away for free to promote active usage, or go premium and sell it for a price. Moreover, you can set certain action as the price for the pack, such as following your Instagram account or subscribing to your page.

Get 60% Of Each Sale and Up

You get 60% of all profits from selling your pack, with payouts made twice a month or more frequently on request. Plus, your share grows with the popularity of your assets, so how much you earn totally depends on the quality of your goods.

Instant Application

Once a customer downloads your assets from the store, they instantly appear in the app allowing for immediate application.

Track Downloads and Manage Performance

Seller Dashboard

Seller Dashboard

Up-to-date statistics and graphs will keep you updated on how many times your products were downloaded whenever you log in to your account. Promote your goods via your own channels and see an instant impact on the sales.

Get Feedback Through Ratings

Get Feedback Through Ratings

The in-store rating system allows you to evaluate your goods performance, users overall impression, and to assess the popularity of your art.

Optimization Tools

Sophisticated Optimization Tools

Boost your sales with the help of automated optimization tools - A/B testing of creatives, the sequence of items in each pack, etc. Rely on our high end algorithms to achieve the best results, effortlessly!

Promo codes

Promo codes

Generate and distribute promo codes for your goods featured in the store - perfect for promotion, contests, and any other occasion when you want to grant someone free access to a paid pack.

Contact us

Contact us

We are always there to assist you if you have any questions or issues. Don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas and suggestions, too!

App chats

Soon - In app chats

Keep in touch with your customers and fellow creators via inbuilt chats. Get feedback on your products and maintain a dialog with people using them.